Team Quiz - Answers

We hope you enjoyed our team quiz. Here are the answers so take a look and see how you got on.

Team Trivia
     1. What did Graham Gristwood study at university and where? Maths at Warwick and a masters in Sports Science at Sheffield Hallam
2. What is Alice Leake’s home region? Yorkshire
3. What is the name of Jess Tullie’s dog? Midge
4. Which countries has Ralph Street lived in? (Hint: 4) England, Sweden, Norway, Australia
5. Who is the tallest member of Team GB? Ralph Street, 187cm
6. When did Team GB last win a WOC medal? (points for name, position and location) Scott Fraser, Silver, Sprint, Finland 2013
6. Who has brought the most pairs of shoes to WOC? Cat Taylor (7)
7. What is the combined weight of Cat Taylor and her luggage? 73kg
8. Who has the smallest feet in Team GB? Jess Tullie
9. What sport is Kris Jones doing his PhD in? Golf
10. Which members of Team GB have been to China? Chris Smithard, Alice Leake, Peter Hodkinson, Graham Gristwood, Will Gardner
11. Which member of Team GB have been to the most world championships? Sarah Rollins (team doctor)

Pointless orienteering
-       Name three of each category. Score 1 point for each correct one that no one else suggests
1.  British orienteering maps beginning with the letter C (must be on omaps, – Search here to see if you got your maps correct:
2. Members of the 2014, 2015 or 2016 JWOC team

JWOC 2016 team
Dane Blomquist
Alexander Chepelin
Harrison McCartney
Joe Woodley
William Rigg
Daniel Stansfield

Megan Carter-Davies
Julie Emmerson
Jenny Ricketts
Alice Rigby
Sarah Jones
Fiona Bunn

JWOC 2015
Will Rigg
Matt Elkington
Chris Galloway
Joe Woodley
Dane Blomquist
Aidan Smith

Sarah Jones
Megan Carter-Davies
Hannah Cox
Fiona Bun
Julie Emmerson
Helen Ockenden

JWOC 2014
Chris Galloway
Aidan Smith
Alexander Chepelin
Ciaran Allen
Olly Williams
Adam Potter

Katie Reynolds
Lucy Butt
Zoe Harding
Julie Emmerson
Rhona McMillan
Tamsin Moran

3 Wainwrights in the Lake District – A full list of all the Wainwrights can be found here:
4.   Manufacturers of orienteering kit – google to see if you got them correct
5.  WOC gold medallists since 2000 – a full list of world champions can be found here:

Orienteer or premier league footballer
-       ½ point each
Heidar Helguson - footballer
 Hans Gunnar Omdal - orienteer
 Stig Inge Bjørnebye - footballer
Rudolf Ropek - orienteer
Thibaut Magne - orienteer
Axel Fischer - orienteer
Jepser Grøkjær - footballer
 Antti Niemi - footballer
Gabor Domonyik - orienteer


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