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Team GB quiz - Round 1

With the sprint qualifier kicking off this afternoon we have a quiz to learn some fun facts about the Team GB and keep you entertained between races. The first round includes a team trivia, pointless orienteering and orienteer or premier league footballer.  Thanks to Murray and Tessa Strain for the pointless orienteering and orienteer or premier league football rounds. Keep a look out for answers and the second round of the quiz posted later in the week.

Team Trivia
1    1. What did Graham Gristwood study at university and where?
2.What is Alice Leake’s home region?
3.What is the name of Jess Tullie’s dog?
4.Which countries has Ralph Street lived in? (Hint: 4)
5.Who is the tallest member of Team GB?
6.When did Team GB last win a WOC medal? (points for name, position and location)
7.Who has brought the most pairs of shoes to WOC?
8.What is the combined weight of Cat Taylor and her luggage?
9.Who has the smallest feet in Team GB?
10.What sport is Kris Jones doing his PhD in?
11.Which members of Te…


The response to our Fund Raising campaign has been overwhelming and it is hard to show our full appreciation.  The races are about to begin and with such strong support behind us we are looking forward to taking on what Estonia has to throw at us.  A special thanks must go to the Orienteering Foundation for their support and enabling this to happen, thank you.

“Go Team Gb!” Bon appetit! We're right behind you. Xxx” We'll be following from afar and with you in spirit. E, P & S” In the wise words of GB Legend Jon Duncan. Go hard or go home.” Good luck” Good luck Team GBR. Go and win some medals!!” Enjoy Estonia, we did” Have fun and run well.” Good luck to all the team” Good luck! This is your time Hollie!” Keep it fast and easy!” May the trail rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face And you find the right orienteering track. Enjoy the experience and good luck.” Good cause! “ Good luck to all the team” Am…

Tapering with Peter

One week to World Champs (by Peter)

It’s now just one week until the first race at WOC, the Sprint Qualifier, and all the athletes will be in their ‘taper phase’ of training. This is really just a fancy name for reducing our training and resting up, but it’s a period which, for some of us, can feel quite uncomfortable. We’re familiar with doing hard training weeks, but less experienced when it comes to planning to do not very much!