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Team Quiz - Answers

We hope you enjoyed our team quiz. Here are the answers so take a look and see how you got on.

Team Trivia      1. What did Graham Gristwood study at university and where? Maths at Warwick and a masters in Sports Science at Sheffield Hallam
2. What is Alice Leake’s home region? Yorkshire
3. What is the name of Jess Tullie’s dog? Midge
4. Which countries has Ralph Street lived in? (Hint: 4) England, Sweden, Norway, Australia
5. Who is the tallest member of Team GB? Ralph Street, 187cm
6. When did Team GB last win a WOC medal? (points for name, position and location) Scott Fraser, Silver, Sprint, Finland 2013
6. Who has brought the most pairs of shoes to WOC? Cat Taylor (7)
7. What is the combined weight of Cat Taylor and her luggage? 73kg
8. Who has the smallest feet in Team GB? Jess Tullie
9. What sport is Kris Jones doing his PhD in? Golf
10. Which members of Team GB have been to China? Chris Smithard, Alice Leake, Peter Hodkinson, Graham Gristwood, Will Gardner
11. Which member of Team GB have b…

World Champs Debut by Will

Will Gardner tells us about the prospect of making his world champs debut in the middle distance race tomorrow. The race will be quite a contrast from the long with lots of intricate contour details and almost no marshes. Follow all the action here from 10.32 (8.32 BST). Good luck to all the athletes competing!
Athletes and Start Times (Local Time (BST))
Will Gardner 11.32 (9.32) Peter Hodkinson 11.58 (9.58) Ralph Street 12.06 (10.06)
Jess Tullie 15.10 (13.10) Hollie Orr 15.46 (13.46) Jo Shepherd 15.52 (13.52)
"Getting selected for a World Championships is the dream for any orienteer. Seeing your name on a list that will go forward to represent your country at the biggest event in your chosen sport is a feeling like no other; you’ve made it, you can say that you are a World Championships runner. Being selected as a reserve is gutting. Although it is a fantastic sign that a team is too strong for you to be selected for, and you wish your friends the best, you cannot help but wish y…